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The whole family

All the products in the Lifetime toolbox are ‘ready to go’ because the extensive development work has already been done.

An arrow hitting a bullseye
Hitting the target
A seed growing out of the ground
Small Change, Big Savings
A timer
Cost of Delay
A puzzle piece
DC Modeller
A person weighing up their choices
Debt Modeller
A magnifying glass over a road
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Here at Gallagher Communications, we’ve developed a range of simple calculators to help people make informed decisions about their money.

We know from experience that providing interactive tools which allow people to see the impact of their decisions are more likely to result in increased engagement and action.

Our suite of tools, known as ‘Lifetime’, can be deployed individually or as a full suite. Visit the products page to find out more about each calculator.

The tools are aimed at organisations with up to 1,000 employees and prices start from as low as £600 one-off set up + £50 per tool per month.

For more information, please contact Francis Goss or Karen Bolan.