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Pension Gap Planner

More and more people are taking career breaks or reducing their hours. This website houses the Working Pattern Calculator – a simple but effective tool that allows users to calculate the impact this could have on their income in retirement – alongside case studies, examples and testimonials from real people.

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What it does

Articles, case studies and testimonials cover situations or life changes that could result in employees facing a dip or gap in their retirement savings. Employees can then use the Working Pattern Calculator to navigate their way through any changes they’re thinking of making to their own working patterns while building a picture of the effect this could have on their pensions.

Why it helps

When employees make changes to their working patterns, their pensions are often the last thing on their minds. Seeing the effects these changes could have on their pension – combined with information about how to manage them – means they’re in better position to mitigate them.

How it works

The Pension Gap Planner website is the home of the Working Pattern Calculator. Users input their salary, age and how much they’re currently paying into their pension, followed by details about the changes they’re thinking of making to their working pattern. The maths engine then calculates the effect this might have on their pension and shows users how they may be able to mitigate it.

The website also contains articles, case studies and video testimonials from real people facing a dip or gap in their retirement savings. There’s also helpful guidance on a range of scenarios employees should consider if they’re thinking of taking a career break or reducing their working hours.

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